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Create – Connect – Conduct 

As a conductor, I am constantly trying to raise my level of music making and to increase the impact on the listener. This is a common search that I share with the musicians I work with, communicating new sources of inspiration and musical insights.

By leading the musical path and by adding meaning, I invite everyone to share my views and ideas. And above all, by sharing the experience that undertaking a common quest can be a goal in itself. I invite everyone to give of themselves and to literally add a personal note. My artistic leadership provides new concepts, that are meant to ensure a deeper understanding and a more profound impact with both musicians and listeners. This approach leads to constructive rehearsals and passionate concerts, performed by musicians who are totally involved. Audiences experience this and share in the passion and inspiration that is expressed through the music.

It is my goal to inspire in a positive and constructive way. My energetic style of conducting characterizes the passion that I try to evoke through music.


Jacob Slagter

“Een uitstekende uitvoering van een prachtig orkest o.l.v. een dirigent die weet waar hij het over heeft. Compliment!”
Jurycommentaar Jacob Slagter, dirigent en voormalig solohoornist van het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest


Robert Hindsley

‘A beautiful performance and I really like watching your conducting. Awesome! I know that my dad and even Peter Tchaikovsky would have been very impressed.’
Robert Hindsley, Amerikaans muziekuitgever n.a.v. de uitvoering van Mark Hindsley’s transcriptie van Tsjaikovski’s Romeo and Juliet